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I leave the Catholic Church in sorrow, but also hopeful that those damaged find justice and healing, that we will leave the children’s cry room in search of grace. Amanda Auchter is the author of The Wishing Tomb, winner of the PEN Center USA Literary Award for Poetry and the Perugia Press Book Award, and The Glass Crib, winner of. The Catholic Church teaches that once a person is baptized, they cannot (or must not) be baptized again. I'm asking this question in that context, looking for a Catholic answer. What is the consequence or effect of being baptized a second time?

For Catholics who have been Baptized, Confirmed and made First Communion but then drifted from the faith, the way they return is through the Sacrament of Penance. Catholics who were baptized but never received Confirmation and/or Eucharist . Jun 22,  · The RCIA refers to the Right of Christian Initiation of Adults. It is the process for adults who wish to convert to Catholicism and involves being introduced to Catholic beliefs and practices. It is a gradual "journey of faith," which varies in length depending on each individual’s progress in Catholic beliefs and practices%().

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