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Yes, even the margarita can use a chocolate spin at times and this recipe is a guaranteed hit for any party. The Chocolate Margarita also adds a splash of orange, though there's a hint of lime as well. The citrus fruits add depth to the creamy tequila-chocolate cocktail, which also features a dash of chocolate bitters. on Jun 23 AM • Adult. Chocolate Pleasures {B} His Hershey Kisses melt each finger unleashed what he felt for her in articulation he whispered her name in hemispheric effervescence traveling upon her path of landscapes of Orion's hunt for chocolate pleasures.

Feb 14,  · The next time you feel the pull of chocolate, pay attention to it. But instead of automatically reaching for your preferred candy bar or fudgy ice cream, take a few moments to actively decide whether or not to indulge the desire. If you decide to have chocolate, focus on each bite, slowly, to extend the pleasure in it.