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Colloid milium is positive for periodic acid-Schiff stain and can show green birefringence with Congo Red stain. It is generally negative for methyl (crystal) violet, cytokeratin, and immunoglobulin light chain stains. Adult type: Islands of colloid material will be in the . Colloid masses are clefted or fissured, and these fissures may be lined with fibroblasts (figure 4 arrow). In adult-type colloid milium, there is often a grenz zone with subepidermal sparing of the papillary dermis (figure 5 arrow) and solar elastosis. There is sparing of adnexal structures (figure 6).

Jan 31,  · Colloid milium is a rare condition characterized by (1) the presence of multiple, dome-shaped, amber- or flesh-colored papules developing on light . Sep 24,  · Adult colloid milium is a rare cutaneous deposition disorder that frequently involves areas of chronic sun exposure, especially the face and dorsal hands. Attempts to remove these lesions are generally unsuccessful, but dermabrasion has been reported to be by:

Nov 01,  · Since , when first described, colloid milium has been considered uncommon. In , Ferreira-Marques and van Uden 1 reviewed the literature and could ascertain only 60 recorded cases. In , Zoon, 2 who wrote authoritatively on the subject, referred to colloid milium as "rare." In , Guin and Seale 3 presented 7 cases, collected over a period of 6 years, bringing the total Cited by: Jan 01,  · Colloid milium is a cutaneous deposit disease of unknown pathogenesis that usually presents on areas of the skin exposed to sunlight. Clinically, it is characterised by yellow or flesh-coloured papules. It can only be diagnosed by a skin biopsy, and evolution is chronic and A.B. Zamora, M.P. Simón, A.T. Sánchez, R.M. Ponce Olivera.