Daughter and mother spanked and caned by strict teacher - adult daughter spanking


adult daughter spanking - Daughter and mother spanked and caned by strict teacher

We rarely use the bedroom for discipline involving spanking, but will on occasion. The children’s rooms are not too close, and our house is well-built and insulated. It was late, so it was a certainty that they were sleeping soundly. Paddling my daughter. About a year after I first took the position of vice principal, I was married – and, as you might expect, children quickly followed. Our first two children were both boys, so they didn’t present an overly large issue in my job. I was their teacher at one point, and that presented a few awkward moments, but not a big deal.

Kids shouldn't be spanked after middle, high school at the most, spanking an adult after high school is a little much 8% (16) Spanking your child in their 20s is silly & . The spanking itself was quite severe and while I won’t describe the full details of just how severe in the story here I also don’t want you to think it was a few light swats either. My friend, Rachel, was sitting very carefully for a few days after this incident and there was no way she could hide the fact she had been spanked from our.

When married couples weren’t busy spanking each other, they often turned to their children. I’m not talking about small children, but their adult children. In , a Cleveland judge decided it was okay for a father to spank his daughter, age twenty-five, with a shingle, of all things. Mother and Daughter GOT SPANKED!!!! - YouTube Nice try!!