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The Adult Education Center also works with employers testing prospective employees or incumbent workers in skills such as Reading, Writing, Math, ABE/GED, and workplace English as a second language, Kentucky Employability Certificate preparation, Kentucky Manufacturing Skills Standards preparation, communications, problem solving, critical thinking, team building, and computer literacy. Feb 10,  · The Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, the Collaborative Center for Literacy Development, and Kentucky Adult Education would like to encourage you to develop a collection of titles appropriate for adult learners seeking to improve their literacy skills. The CCLD has generously provided a list of titles suitable for adult learners.

In , the Kentucky General Assembly unanimously passed Senate Bill , which established the Collaborative Center for Literacy Development: Early Childhood through Adulthood. CCLD is administered through the Council on Postsecondary Education and housed at the University of Kentucky College of Education. The former Commissioner for the Department for Adult Education and Literacy gave an overview of adult education in Kentucky. According to her, 22% of all Americans perform at the very lowest literacy levels (which would be about a fifth grade reading skill level) as compared to about 14% of Kentuckians.

Frequently Asked Questions KY Skills U Lesson Bank KY Skills U Online Finance Module KY Skills U PL Resource Website KY Skills U Profile KY Skills U Reporting System (KAERS) In-Demand Video Series Recruitment, Retention, Branding & Partnership Resources Marketing Kentucky e-Learning Campus Online CANVAS PD course login Kentucky Virtual Library Kentucky Education and Workforce . KET and the Kentucky Department of Education visited a variety of schools in Kentucky and interviewed principals, literacy coaches, curriculum specialists, state educational cooperative literacy consultants and teachers in an effort to capture the type of leadership described in .