Megan play with tampons and pads - adult diaper booster pads


adult diaper booster pads - Megan play with tampons and pads

Incontinence Booster Pads Booster pads are also sometimes referred to as diaper doublers. These pads are used in conjunction with another product such as and adult diaper or underwear to increase the capacity of the host product. Booster pads are easy to change and they extend the life of the host product, making them an economical option. Booster Pads Booster pads are designed to be used with other incontinence products in order to give you the most protection possible. They are made to be worn in conjunction with our belted underwear, protective undergarments, pull-on briefs, and adult diapers, to name a few.

These adult diaper booster pads are the perfect solution! You can place one or more booster liners inside of your existing disposable brief or underwear to "double up" on absorbency. These diaper insert pads do not have a waterproof backing on purpose to allow the flow-through of urine into the diaper underneath. Abena Abri-Let Booster Pads are designed to pull fluid away from skin & fit comfortably within a disposable brief or adult diaper/5(5).

The booster pads with adhesive add to diapers, maximizing odor reduction and moisture capture. The soft cover make these disposable booster pads for adults comfortable to wear, while the secure fit prevents your undergarments from getting soiled. Additionally, tape along the length of the pads keeps them in place within the diaper/5(). An adult diaper booster pad offers additional incontinence protection when you need it. These soft flow-through doubler pads are placed inside a diaper to absorb fluids until they reach capacity, at which point flow then passes to the primary garment. The result is long-lasting care that is easy to change when needed.