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the mate-guarding status of the focal female (0: unguarded; 1: mate-guarded). Unguarded females could copulate with any juvenile or adult male. Mate-guarded females could only copulate with their consort male (we had only 2 cases of extra pair copulations out of copulations; these two cases were removed from subsequent analyses). Safe+Mate is here for you with a complete line of products designed for your whole family. Crafted by Case•Mate, many of these products are tailored specifically for everyday day life. Our Safe+Mate reusable, machine washable small / medium sized adult face masks are made from a very soft 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend material.

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In adult mate-choice trials, females were assigned either to males with the same phenotype to which they had been originally exposed (“familiar” males) or to males with the alternative phenotype (“unfamiliar” males). Watch Adult Elephant Female Male Mating and - Ashis Kr1 on Dailymotion.