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adult health passport - Vegetables are good for the health

PASSPORT PASSPORT is a Medicaid program that helps older adults with disabilities receive care and support in their homes, instead of a nursing home. Services are similar to the Elderly Services Program, but are more intensive and may include. This Passport has been designed for use with people with learning disabilities in hospital, but can be used for other people and other situations. The use of the passport is important for identifying possible problems quickly.

Health Passport Health Passport collects key member health information and stores it in a secure web application. Medical Consenters, health care providers, DFPS caseworkers and STAR Health staff may have access to the information. To learn more about Health Passport or how to access it, click on the following links. PASSPORT is a Medicaid waiver program that provides older adults with the services needed to make the desire to stay at home a reality. From light housekeeping to accessibility modification to assistance with bathing, PASSPORT offers a comprehensive range of supports.

PASSPORT is a two-pronged program. The first part is a pre-admission screening during which interested consumers are screened by telephone to determine preliminary Medicaid eligibility and care needs. They are also provided information about the variety of long-term care options available. The second part of PASSPORT is home care.