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Jun 13,  · Dabrowski defined overexcitability as a heightened physiological experience of stimuli resulting from increased neuronal sensitivities that cause a person to experience life more intensely and to feel the extremes of joy and sorrow more profoundly. He called it . Overexcitabilities are those intensities that come forth in the intellectual, emotional, imaginational, sensual (sensory) and psychomotor domains as identified and explored by psychologist Kasmierz Dabrowski (Dabrowski & Piechowski, ). People who are overexcitable respond to stimuli in a much grander fashion than the “typical” person.

Jan 05,  · More often than not, the children who are having these experiences are coping with the imaginational overexcitability (OE). For an introduction to the imaginational OE check out my previous post, laugh at my childhood follies, and then try to take me seriously please. As we’ve discussed on the blog before, a strong imagination can have a dark. imaginational overexcitability As someone with imaginational overexcitability, you will experience unusual imaginative and fantastical thoughts, often from a young age. You think in terms of images and metaphors; poetry and visual language come naturally to you.

Sep 14,  · OVEREXCITABILITIES Overexcitabilities are inborn intensities indicating a heightened ability to respond to stimuli. Found to a greater degree in creative and gifted individuals, overexcitabilities are expressed in increased sensitivity, awareness, and intensity, and represent a real difference in the fabric of life and quality of Sharon Lind. Oct 07,  · Imaginational overexcitability is recognized through rich association of images and impressions, inventiveness intense living in the world of fantasy, predilection for fairy and magic tales Emotional overexcitability is recognized in the way emotional relationships are experienced, and in the great intensity of feeling and awareness of.