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Adult Language, Literacy, Numeracy and Problem-Solving Skills in the Workplace. This paper examines the performance of the eight major occupational categories across the four skill areas of the Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey. The results indicated that some % of employed Australians were below minimal competence (at Level 1 or Level 2) in one of the four skill areas of prose literacy, Cited by: 4. Adult language, literacy and numeracy skills are recognized as fundamental to improved workforce participation, productivity and social inclusion. Local and international studies have consistently demonstrated the correlation between high levels of language, literacy and numeracy and positive outcomes at the national, enterprise and individual levels.

Adult language, literacy, numeracy and problem-solving skills in the workplace At some time almost everyone would have encountered a lack of competence in adult levels of literacy and numeracy. Without any wider experience, it is likely that they might perceive it as an isolated instance or just an individual issue. This is because they would not. Nov 03,  · A lack of language, literacy and numeracy impacts all aspects of an adult’s life and has intergenerational effects on families, children and communities. In order to compete in the global knowledge-based economy and to maintain the level of prosperity and social cohesion that Australians need and expect, the language, literacy and numeracy levels of the adult population must .