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level overexpression of AT1 receptors in the NSE-AT1a Overexpression of AT1a receptors in brain stem sites known transgenic mice. to regulate sympathetic outflow43 and in hypothalamic nuclei The functional consequences of ectopic and noncardiovas- involved in vasopressin synthesis and release44,45 raises the cular region–localized expression. Expression of AT1A was clearly evident in kidney, liver, adrenal gland, ovary, brain, testes, adipose tissue, lung, and heart of adult mice. AT1B was absent from most of these tissues but was detectable in brain, testes, and adrenal by:

Apr 01,  · In mice, angiotensin (Ang) II type-1 (AT1) receptors exist as AT1a, and AT1b subtypes. In an effort to understand the role of AT1b in regulating vascu Cited by: Two isoforms of AT1 receptor, AT1A and AT1B, are known in rodents, but probably only one occurs in other mammals including humans. the AT2 receptor cDNA, a amino acid protein, shares only 32%.

Mar 07,  · Using ISH and RT-PCR, we verified that AT1a and AT1b receptors are expressed in mouse brain and pituitary and show a similar pattern of distribution. Salt loading produced a specific increase in AT1a mRNA in osmosensitive regions, suggesting that this receptor subtype is regulated by sodium/osmolar by: To reassess ganglioside distribution in the adult mouse CNS, we used highly specific IgG-class monoclonal antibodies (mAb) raised against each of the major brain gangliosides. Since mice fail to raise a robust IgG response to self-gangliosides, we successfully raised these mAb’s in mice genetically engineered to lack complex gangliosides.