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Mia. Yes, that's her name. She just turned 15 today. It was her birthday. And she had to take her first customer. In bed. Mia stood looking at the windows, the wind blew the curtains, over and over. Hey, how's it going. I wanted to write some smut So I'm doing that. Don't expect this to get updated regularly. I'll write it when I feel like it.

She choked back the tears. "Sex." He pulled her up by the hair. Wrapped her arms behind her in the strap, and led her to the bedroom. He shoved her onto the bed, arms still tied behind her, she noticed the three men from the other night, all standing around the bed. "Master?" "Yes, you're going to have sex with all of us, while the other three. Sexual-content Stories Refine by tag: sexual-content sexualcontent love romance sexual violence mature drama drugs maturecontent abuse fanfiction harrystyles stronglanguage teenfiction lemon ratedr boyxboy lovestory werewolf nsfw.