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SISSY LIFE MONTAGE GIF MOVIE 5min - p - , A collection of short-story/scenarios inspired from gifs from the web. % A locked sissy lives her life in a—more-or-less—constant state of low-level erotic arousal. Because of this, she makes for a more willing and enthusiastic partner in general; not to mention a stellar sex toy, fuck doll and all-around submissive slut.

YiZYiF Mens Adult Sissy Satin Frilly Crossdressing Dress Organza Tutu Skirted Pajamas. out of 5 stars $ $ $ shipping. iEFiEL Mens V-Neck Sheer Lace Floral Mesh Sissy Mini Night Dress with Closed Sheath G-String Nightwear Lingerie Set. give it a second life. Hi guys! This is the next chapter in my ‘Life of a Sissy‘ series. Click on the link to read the previous chapters of the story. Read through and feel free to leave constructive criticism or feedback! ===== I am a 16 year old sophomore in high school. My name is Brian. Well, not really. Continue reading Life of a Sissy – Chapter 4.

Sissies and crossdressers are spread over the world and are living a great life. People want to be as awesome as they can be. A Sissy or a crossdresser is a normal human being with a tilt towards the opposite gender and is generally very eager to know about how to be sexy while dressing like the opposite gender. My Life As A Sissy. From the earliest awakening of my sexuality I felt a strong desire to be girly. I was the smallest boy in my grade at school and my slender body was milky white and nearly hairless. I felt that my penis was unusually small as well, and I didn’t have any pubic hair until at least a year later than the other boys.