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Jun 18,  · Medical Guidelines for the Lead-Exposed Worker. California Department of Public Health. pdf icon external icon (PDF KB, 12 Pages) Recommendations for Medical Management of Adult Lead Exposure. external icon; Medical Management Guidelines for Lead-Exposed Adults. pdf icon external icon (PDF KB, 15 pages). Today, adults are mainly exposed to lead by breathing in lead-containing dust and fumes at work, or from hobbies that involve lead. Lead passes through the lungs into the blood where it can harm many of the body's organ systems.

Mar 23,  · Adult exposure to lead primarily occurs in the workplace. Occupations with continued risk for lead exposure include battery manufacturing and recycling operations, smelting operations, and other manufacturing that utilizes lead based components. follow to stop take-home lead exposure: • Test workplace air for lead and. blood lead levels in workers. • Tell you if your work involves lead and train you on lead safety. • Control lead dust and fumes in the workplace. • Provide protective work clothing and equipment. for workers. • Give workers a place to wash hands and take a.

Dec 22,  · Adults may be exposed to lead by eating and drinking food or water containing lead or from dishes or glasses that contain lead. They may also breath lead dust by spending time in areas where lead-based paint is deteriorating, and during renovation or repair work that disturbs painted surfaces in older homes and buildings. Lead exposure is arguably the oldest known occupational health hazard. It is a particularly insidious hazard with the potential for causing irreversible health effects, including hypotension, Cited by: