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Play Piano Now! is for busy adults whose practice time is limited, and for adults without previous musical training. It is a slower-paced method that uses the same conceptual core of our original Adult Piano Course, but with several very important added features: more gradual introduction of music fundamentals, more pages of reinforcement and a greater emphasis on sight-reading Category: Piano-Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course. May 17,  · Learning Piano as an Adult Whenever I tell people that I’m a piano teacher, the first response is often, “That is so cool!” (Not going to lie, it’s an ego boost!) If I’m speaking with an adult learner, it’s usually followed up with something like: “I always wanted to learn to play.”.

Mar 11,  · Piano Lessons for Adults They say music is the oldest form of language, and for sure there is a certain sense of awe that one experiences when seeing a piano maestro in action; in full flow, playing sheet music flawlessly. The piano is perhaps the most versatile music instrument today.