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This mod is to make Assasin's Creed look marginally better via updated environment textures, new water textures, new plant/foliage textures and even new character model textures along with updated normal maps and specular maps. Assassin's Creed Odyssey. close. Games. videogame_asset My games. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. This mod contains adult content. You can turn adult content on in your preference, if you wish. VORTEX. The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. Learn more. Nexus Mods.

Assassin’s Creed. Assassin’s Creed nude mods. Assassin Creed Lucy’s Transparent Outfit. Assassin's Creed. This mod makes Lucy’s shirt transparent like wet. Credits: Kardiyak. Let’s Play. Search for: Games: + Desktop nude patch () + Blond Girls () + . Assassin's Creed Odyssey Nexus - Mods and Community.

This mod replaces the Ubisoft, Anvil, Ryzen and autosave videos when starting the game with black 1 second videos. The startup logos take about 30 seconds and are completely unnecessary. With this you will load straight into the press any button to start screen. Assassin's Creed Odyssey That’s all in one pack for Kassandra. This mod includes multiple nude body textures, breasts sizes and hair colors. Contains three versions of makeup.