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Benjamin Banneker, a free African-American man living in a slave state in the eighteenth century, never knew the weight of iron shackles or the crack of an overseer’s whip. A native of Baltimore County, Maryland, his experience diverged from those of most African Americans living in the early United States. Adulthood - Benjamin Banneker When he was 20 years old, Benjamin decided to make a clock of his own. He made drawings of every gear, wheel, and pin. After he made the clock, many people wanted to see the wooden clock that ran and kept accurate time.

Apr 02,  · Benjamin Banneker was a largely self-educated mathematician, astronomer, compiler of almanacs and writer. Who Was Benjamin Banneker? A free Black man who owned a farm near Cited by: From through Benjamin Banneker, an African American mathematician and amateur astronomer, calculated ephemerides (tables of the locations of stars and planets) for almanacs that were widely distributed and influential. Because of these works, Banneker became one of the most famous African Americans in early U.S. history.

Benjamin Banneker () was an African-American scientist and astronomer who was also quite distinguished for crafting an almanac. His background as a farmer helped him create a very well received almanac when it first was published.