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Great chess set for beginner or adult Bought this for my 7yr old son so I can teach him the basics of chess. The board is well made, good size (21"), feels solid and has great design elements with the rich wood color, corner details, and unique hand letterings. Chess Sets for Adults Free Shipping in USA. Looking for a chess set for an Adult? ChessCentral has a complete line of chess sets suited to your needs. From wooden chess sets to elegant Alabaster you will find a chess set in your price range. We offer quality you can count on.

Exercises are included, with answers in the back (more are available from the accompanying Chess Workbook for Adult Beginners). About the author. Alex Cherniack is a national master from Massachusetts. He has over 40 years experience playing in chess tournaments against strong opponents, and teaching chess to beginners of all levels. I’m writing this post under the title ‘Chess improvement as an Adult’ because I’ll be commenting on my experience with various chess improvement platforms or methods as an adult. Many young players are able to improve hundreds of rating points in a year with seemingly little work on their chess, but this is much rarer for most adult.