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Oct 15,  · 15 Fun classroom energizers for students. 1. “Prrr” and “pukutu”. This classroom game is more suited for the little kids. Ask everyone to imagine two birds. One named “prrr” and the other 2. Buzz. 3. Body letters. 4. Pink toe. 5. Sports gallery. Oct 07,  · Adult Ice Breaker Games for Classrooms, Meetings, and Conferences People Bingo. People Bingo is a popular ice breaker because it's easy to customize for your group and situation and even Marooned. This icebreaker works well to introduce people that don't know each other or .

18 Fun Classroom Activities for Students [Updated] | Edsys. Games for adult English as a second language (ESL) classes must strike a balance between linguistic simplicity, so the students will understand the vocabulary and syntax, and thematic complexity, so they don't feel that they are being treated like children. Splitting the class into small groups for games .

Articles about teaching adult learners. 6 Classroom Filler Activities for Adult Education; This is a lottery game for helping my students to practice the vocabulary from unit 1 Q Skils book one. it is suitable for adults and teenager students and you can use it too if you want to check 5/5(1).