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Jul 30,  · This article forgot to include that 60% of the men on the study measured at 5 inches and that the condom sizes for the study were 7 inches, the smallest men on the planet are white Greek men at an average of inches, and Nigerian blacks are smaller too at inches, while Indian men from this study measured at inches, here is the. Buy Large Size Condoms Online in India - XL and XXL Condoms Sort by Best Selling Price - Low to High Price - High to Low Recently launched Large size condom brands - KamaSutra XL and Manforce XXL condoms Manforce XXL Condoms - Musk Flavoured - Half Dotted & Half Ribbed Cond.

Contrary to popular belief, using a condom properly is fairly easy. What is important is to pick the right condom size and store it in a tin case or a box as opposed to a bag or a wallet. Doing so might damage. Another thing to keep in check is expiry date. Condoms in India are now also available in different favours and textures. 31 rows · Standard size condoms are the most common because they accommodate the broadest .

Feb 01,  · Condom size. Condoms come in different sizes, from regular, large, and small. Width often varies from 49 mm to 56 mm. I have tried to come up with a visual representation of the condom size chart in India. Hope this infographic is up to the mark.