forced to cum - forced diaper domination


forced diaper domination - forced to cum

The chair whirred and clicked as it slowly elongated and forced me to stand with my arms high over my head and my feet firmly attached to the floor. Knowing how good wetting myself would feel, I didn’t stand a chance. I let loose in my diaper and was rewarded with an instant high. Short and sweet and simple. I’m somewhat busy at the. diaperpunishment abdl diaper diapers tbdl bedwetting wetting diapergirl pee punishment nappies regression diaperlover humilation baby poop diaperboy spanking messing adultbaby. Stories. Forced to be a smelly baby by abdlloverforlife. K 81 5. The year is and toilets aren't cool anymore! Yeah, you got that right.

A college student goes on an unexpected online date. An age regression story. 4 min read. Blythe sat in the middle of the bustling coffee shop, surrounded by people nibbling pastries at small marble tables, little yelps and laughs from their chopped-up conversations raining down around her. In the morning matts diaper looked like it was going to burst from all the pee and mess in it. My sister woke him up by punching him in the balls so hard the diaper popped. Matt started crying like a baby calling for me as i looked on and laughed at him. My sister then told him happy bday and then started to open the diaper up.

forcedfem sissy sissification forced feminization boyxgirl. 19 Stories. Sort by: Hot. Hot New # 1. Forced feminization by AnonimusPink. K 56 2. Jared is a shy boy with no friends. The complete opposite of his younger sister. They don't get along well. When their parents die, she began a . ABDL (Adult Baby Diapers Lovers) and Age Play. Dehumanisation: Human furniture, objectification, human ashtray. Public domination/humiliation, Pet training, Wrestling. Sensory deprivation: vacuum bed and mummification. Kidnapping, segregation in cage or cellar. Gags, Hoods and Gas masks; smothering/breath control.