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Robert Seymour Bridges OM (23 October – 21 April ) was Poet Laureate from to A doctor by training, he achieved literary fame only late in life. His poems reflect a deep Christian faith, and he is the author of many well-known hymns. It was through Bridges’ efforts that Gerard Manley Hopkins achieved posthumous fame. “EΡΩΣ” by Robert Bridges has a contradictory concept of what humans view as love, thus the negative and positive comparisons are between Eros different angles in love and lust.

In “Eros” Robert Bridges questions the thoughts of an attractive Eros, the master matchmaker, also known as Cupid. Anne Stevenson’s “Eros” provides a different perspective on the popular God by describing him as hideous. Bridges describes an attractive God and Stevenson describes a God who is hideous. Robert Bridges’s Eros poem and Anne Stevenson’s “Eros” call upon the same subject—the god of love, yet their concepts of Eros could not be more dissimilar while Bridges portrays Eros as a cryptic statue that has no way of communicating with the human world, Stevenson portrays an ironically crippled version of the Classical.

Bridges’s Erosdescribes passionate love as an internal unknowingness, the ignorance of a “flower of lovely youth” that remains untouched, as shown by the emptiness of Eros’s face. “Eros” is revealed to the reader in two very different perspectives. The first poem by Robert Bridges portrays to the reader that Eros Is a true god and that when It comes to love man Is the one who suffers. In the second poem by Anne Stevenson, Eros is shown as a beat on and a miserable person who suffers from love.