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adult education and poverty reduction - Auntie educates boy and girl

However, public policy documents rarely highlight the contribution that adult education can make towards poverty reduction. This omission perhaps reflects, in part, a lack of understanding of the nature of adult education as a tool for Paperback. In as far as attention h as been given to th e con tribution of adult education to the reduction of poverty, the trend h as been to focus on literacy or basic education. Nevertheless, adult education is potentially much more th an literacy or basic education.

If all adults completed secondary education, we could cut the global poverty rate by more than half. Stay in the know on our work in the classroom (and beyond) 3 ways that education affects poverty The above points are some of the reasons that the United Nations named education its fourth Sustainable Development Goal. Feb 09,  · Adult learning and poverty reduction Poverty may be defined as a lack of freedom to meet one’s basic needs. Hunger, lack of shelter and clothing, disease, and vulnerability are the fate of billion people living in by: 5.

Jan 01,  · adult education as a contributory means to reducing poverty (Education International , Preece ). Whilst the links between education and poverty have long been understood (Oxaal ),Author: Julia Preece. Jul 29,  · Adult Education: A Way Out of Poverty. One job can make all the difference in lifting a family out of poverty. At TAP, when we sit down to work with someone who needs a job, we don’t just work to get them any job. We help people land good jobs—ones that pay strong wages with benefits.