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A number of quality resources available in print and online provide background information and suggest approaches, techniques, and activities for teachers working with beginning- and literacy-level adult English language learners (those with minimal experience with literacy in their first or native language or with any language). The adult ESL student has the analytical capability to understand phoneme-grapheme relationships and can be taught to use any transferable native-language literacy skills in English spelling. In this essay, the potential of phonics instruction in the teaching of reading and spelling to ESL students with little formal education in the native.

The mission of the Jeffco Adult ESL and Literacy program is to provide quality English language and literacy instruction that prepares adult learners for a successful future. Classes are offered for students with Beginning to Advanced English skills. The classes are designed to challenge the English language learner to improve listening. Designed for instructors, program coordinators, and other stakeholders in ESL literacy, this handbook primarily intends to be a practical handbook, outlining promising practices in program considerations, strategies for the classroom, and four different levels of ESL literacy.

Mar 01,  · Adult Learners Adult education programs serve both learners who are native English speakers and those whose first, or native, language is not English. The ESL Literacy Readers materials were developed by adult education practitioners with extensive knowledge of the needs and skill development patterns of adult English learners. The readers themselves can be used either online in the provided e-reader format (with audio accompaniment) or as print documents.