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carry cocked and unlocked - COCKED AND LOADED: HUGE EBONY NIPPLES

Mar 10,  · Hello all, I know an older gentleman with a lot of experience under his belt who carries his SD Colt auto cocked'n'UNlocked, relying on the grip safety. Cocked and locked, the only way to carry a 05/13/ PM | by Jim Grant Perfect grip angle, comfy grip and eight potent rounds just a flip of a switch away.

Dec 28,  · I was somewhat surprised by it because Ive always read about carrying a cocked and locked, 99% of stuff online advocates that way but I pressed him on why he carries unlocked and his rationale was the grip safety. Jan 24,  · I have a CZ P that is similar mechanically to the P, it has a half-cock decock for holster carry which is kind of nice vs. dealing with the full DA. Rather than considering an approach where I would carry cocked and unlocked, I've pursued extensive practice with J-Frames with stock triggers.

Jan 06,  · There is only one way to carry with one in the chamber. In terms, cocked and unlocked. The internal hammer must be % cocked. The only safety is a blade on the trigger. Carrying a single-action pistol cocked-and-locked is far and away the best method of carry. When carrying the gun in a holster, the grip safety will keep the .