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Jul 12,  · English Literature, Literary Theory and Criticism, Linguistics, Film Theory, Ebooks, UGC NET JRF Preparation, Novel Analysis, Scholarly Articles Nasrullah Mambrol. ‘Moby Dick’ Published July 12, at × in Analysis of Herman Melville’s Novels ‹ Back. Aug 01,  · Moby Dick is one of the most wide-ranging, capacious explorations in literature of what the color (or non-color) white may mean, exemplified best, to me, by an extraordinary chapter in the book simply called “The Whiteness of the Whale.” In it, Ishmael muses on the many, often conflicting resonances of whiteness: its sleek beauty, its existential terror, its fullness, its funereal Gabrielle Bellot.

May 05,  · As many commentators have pointed out, Moby Dick is first and foremost a naturalistic story of whale-hunting. There are careful technical descriptions about whaling and precise details are. Jul 09,  · Moby Dick: A Literary Analysis. July 9, July 9, Although Moby Dick is a novel well known for providing an accurate account of the whaling process while weaving a thickly mysterious plot that entices readers from the first page to the last, the novel was not originally written to describe the story of a whaling ship destined for despair and ruin.