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obama and dick cheney related - Big Titties And Dick Suckin

Oct 17,  · Though they may spar across the political aisle, Vice President Dick Cheney is close enough to Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama to call him “cousin.” Eighth cousin, that is. Lynne. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - There’s no sign of a family reunion planned, but U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and Democratic presidential candidate Barack .

Barack Obama often jokes in his campaign speeches about a genealogical survey last year that found he is a distant cousin of Dick Cheney. Now there is more bad news for Obama: . Two curious political relationships of Senator Barack Obama came to light last month in The Chicago Sun-Times: he is an 11th cousin to President .

In an article last September, the Chicago Sun-Times laid out Obama’s ancestry – including the genealogical, if not spiritual, relationship between Obama and Cheney. According to the newspaper, they. Dick and Barack Obama are eighth cousins.” Mrs. Cheney said that it was “an amazing American story that one ancestor could be responsible down .