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ptu and breast feeding - Latina Fisting, Squirting, Anal, and Breast Milk Play

Sep 30,  · Yes, it really is safe to breastfeed while on mg of PTU per day. The case studies that support this claim were done in women taking mg / day and there were no problems reported in the babies. It is not necessary to wait for 3 . Apr 01,  · PTU gets into breastmilk in small amounts, which means the amounts ingested by the infant are small. The American Thyroid Association has suggested that if PTU is taken while breastfeeding, doses of PTU should be limited to mg per day due to the lack of research on the chance of liver damage in the breastfed infant.

Aug 17,  · The drug or breastfeeding should be discontinued if liver toxicity is suspected. Little PTU passes into breastmilk and infant thyroid suppression does not occur with usual maternal dosages. Jun 05,  · PTU (propylthioracil) is rated an L2-limited data-probably compatible. The amount transferred into breast milk is % of your dose. [COLOR=#] [FONT=lucida grande]Propylthiouracil is the preferred antithyroid agent in breastfeeding mothers. Only small amounts are secreted into milk, and side effects to the infant are minimal.

Jul 25,  · For some time, women taking so-called antithyroid drugs— propylthiouracil (often referred to as PTU), Tapazole (methimazole), and, in Europe, carbimazole (which converts to methimazole in the body)—were discouraged from breastfeeding. Studies have indicated that propylthiouracil (PTU) is the drug of choice for a breastfeeding mother in this instance. It is excreted in small amounts into breastmilk and does not impact baby’s thyroid function. Methimazole is an accepted option, baby should be monitored frequently.