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Oct 31,  · Anxiety and Physical Numbness. Numbness may occur anywhere in the body. But it's most common at the extremities. Most numbness complaints with anxiety are related to the: Hands; Feet; Legs; Arms with some people complaining of a numb face or a numb scalp. Oct 10,  · Interestingly, in both cases, numbness may be caused by anxiety. Anxiety-related numbness is actually fairly common (both physically and psychologically) and is often made worse by the anxiety that many experience as a result of that numbness.

If you’re anxiety is causing numbness and tingling, you may feel: numbness in any area of your body – although anxiety can cause numbness in any area of your body, it will most often happen with your hands, feet, and face. The numbness can feel like you’ve lost sensation or that you have sudden weakness in the affected area. May 29,  · The numbness that you’re experiencing in your face is a symptom of anxiety,” that it was like a miracle recovery that I had. Nothing like that. It was actually time and acceptance that really brought me to the understanding that I wasn’t going to be overwhelmed and swallowed up and permanently paralyzed by this numbness I was experiencing.

Jun 02,  · Anxiety-related numbness happens for two main reasons. The fight-or-flight response. Anxiety happens when you feel threatened or stressed. To .