Amateur Riding the LONGEST Cock - worlds largest and longest dick


worlds largest and longest dick - Amateur Riding the LONGEST Cock

Well Hung: Living with the World's Largest Penis To date, it is officially the largest known human penis on record as it inches when flaccid and grows to . Meet the man with the world's LARGEST penis Sat, January 6, Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 54, from Saltillo, Mexico, has a penis measuring a colossal inches. He .

I’m sure you were all aware, but pretending not to know about former penis roulette champ Roberto Esquivel Cabrera and his inch dong. The Mexican became the symbol of big dick energy back in with his world record willy. Measuring in at inches, Roberto actually has the biggest penis in the world and he hopes to be recognised by the Guinness book of records. He hit .

This man has the biggest penis that as ever been recorded in history. Measuring a staggering inches, Roberto Esquivel Cabrera is truly a strange and unique sight to behold. However, he wasn’t simply born with such an enormous schlong—he worked very hard for it.