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Jun 12,  · Sternal osteomyelitis is a morbid and challenging condition. Most cases of sternal osteomyelitis are secondary, related to median sternotomy, but primary sternal osteomyelitis (PSO) is . Dec 25,  · Sternum and rib osteomyelitis after breast prosthesis implantation should be considered and investigated by early imaging study which is necessary to adjust the management strategy. In this case, the infection was successfully managed with surgical removal of the 3rd and 4th left ribs and a partial sternal resection was followed by prolong Cited by: 4.

Rib osteomyelitis is an infrequently occurring but important complication of breast implant surgery. Although prosthetic or surgical site infection (SSI) and rib osteomyelitis as separate entities are well described in the literature, only five cases of rib or sternal osteomyelitis related to implant placement have been reported by: 1. Although implant infection is a known complication of breast augmentation, sternal and rib osteomyelitis after breast implantation is a rare event.1,2In this case, we hypothesize that the .

Chronic sternal osteomyelitis may develop in patients with unrecognized or inadequately treated sternotomy wound infections [ Although rare, this complica- tion is particularly serious, since the infection may spread into the mediastinum and involve grafts, suture lines, pledget material, or prosthetic valves [5]. Adjacent. Jul 26,  · Yes, it can be difficult to create sufficient cleavage in patients with prominent sternum (pectus carinatum) following breast implant augmentation surgery. Furthermore over time the breast implants tend to slide outwards and down the chest incline.