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dick morris election predictions - Silver stallion and Tiffany Morris Out Takes

Nov 12,  · NEW YORK — Dick Morris, the Fox News analyst who has received widespread ridicule for his recent – and extremely wrong – prediction that Mitt Romney would win the recent presidential election “in a landslide,” accumulating well over Electoral College votes, has sued the network for employing him as an analyst. Jan 17,  · Morris made his prediction in the context of expected legal battles arising from a dramatic increase in mail-in balloting for this election, creating a situation for mass chaos and maximum uncertainty given the huge opportunities for vote fraud and the fact that the U.S. Postal Service has already said it cannot guarantee timely delivery of all ballots.

During this election cycle, Fox News political analyst Dick Morris repeatedly made outlandish and bizarre electoral predictions at odds with polling data and common sense. His predictions were “so. By Dick Morris on February 8, Stephen Moore, writing on his web site, gives us the final report on the central controversies of the election: How well did Trump handle the economic blowback from the virus and how did he handle the distribution of the vaccine.

Sep 07,  · Morris, who was a political advisor to President Bill Clinton before returning to the Republican Party in , said that on election night, President Donald Trump will appear to have won all the swing states and emerge victorious in a landslide. Sep 07,  · Morris predicted President Donald Trump would win in a landslide on Election Day only to have Democratic secretaries of state in swing states later determine Biden won after counting mailed in votes. Morris said that would ultimately lead to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts determining the results of the election.