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Sarcoidosis is a multisystem granulomatous disease. This means there are scattered collections of mixed inflammatory cells (granulomas) affecting many different parts of the body. Jul 02,  · What is sarcoidosis? Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease in which granulomas, or clumps of inflammatory cells, form in various organs. This causes organ inflammation. Sarcoidosis may be Author: Valencia Higuera.

Sarcoidosis is a disease that affects many organs and tissues in the body, including the lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, muscles and bones, and skin. COVID could, therefore, cause more severe symptoms in people with sarcoidosis. In addition, the symptoms of COVID can also be symptoms of sarcoidosis. Papular sarcoidosis often appears on the face, neck, or around eyes This is another common sign of sarcoidosis, especially among African American women. Mostly painless, these smooth bumps and growths tend to develop on the face or neck, and often around the eyes.

Nov 19,  · Sarcoidosis is a condition that causes inflammation in the body to result in bumps called granulomas forming on the skin, lymph nodes, in the lungs, eyes and sometimes in the heart and brain and other organs. For most people, their sarcoidosis prognosis is good. Sarcoidosis isn't directly related to Bell's palsy, but some of its symptoms, such as facial paralysis, are similar to Bell's palsy. This is why you may hear your doctor mention sarcoidosis at time of diagnosis. Continue Learning about Bell's Palsy How long does it .