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condom bunching up - female condom

Apr 14,  · Condoms coming off, or splitting is usually because it's the wrong fit. If the standard ones feel a little lose, then a closer fit (Durex Close Fit, Pasante Trim, Mates Conform) may be more comfortable. A snug fitting condom can increase sensation. If a condom is too tight, then a larger size may be appropriate. Feb 21,  · A well-fitting condom should sit snugly around the penis without bunching up anywhere––if it’s bunching, that means there’s extra material, and extra material means the condom’s too big. It’s easy to slip out of a condom that’s too big.

How do I stop a condom from bunching up? Many times when I use a condom it will bunch up around my shaft and stretch the rubber around the head very thin. This inevitably leads to a broken condom, so I have to get a new one. It often happens for a second time. CAUSE: the condom is too long, so inches of unrolled latex bunch up at the base of the penis - in most cases equivalent to 2 or 3 inches of material. This looks odd, and acts like a 'tourniquet' (rubber band) on the penis, causing a feeling of tightness and discomfort.